Creation: Scientifically Proven? Essay

Creation: Scientifically Proven? Essay

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An atheist is someone who does not believe in a God or creation, but this leads to a sort of problem in beliefs throughout the world and it attacks past heritages and religions. Is there not a God and if there was, can it be scientifically proven? With this concept in mind scientist can make a new set of theories in Macroevolution, which is the study of evolution in large portions such as the universe. With this, we find all sorts of ideas but no proven answers, as there is small evidence to the beginning of the world. We can use theories to answer creation or deny it, for religious science theories are different from atheist perspective. Religious science has a reason and more evidence tied to the past events even though some argue you cannot mix science with religion. This is based on discrimination as they both tie very well together. To set aside both differences and to seek the knowledge of a creator is the purpose of importance. Let us reason to our creator and help the mind seek the answers it ponders on when seeking understanding. Who is our creator and why are we made so specific in this random seeming universe? A question one many consider of which nature will answer with clues. We will use critical thinking and the will for knowledge to understand who created us. Although atheist will try to make claims of pessimistic views that are proved false in reasoning, we can find creation reliable because evolution is flawed, scientific discoveries point to creation, and the action of one thinking is the evidence of creation and the founding of it through Gods intelligent design.

Atheists believe we were created randomly out of nothing and evolved through a process called biological evolution. This thinking is not sufficient ...

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