Courage and American Pride in Greengrass’s Film United 93 Essay

Courage and American Pride in Greengrass’s Film United 93 Essay

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Greengrass’s film United 93 might seem like nothing more than a film showcasing unrelenting America pride. However, Greengrass not only meant to point out the steadfast attitude the passengers on United 93 showed in the face of hopelessness, but he also meant to show the alternative viewpoint. He showed the side of the hijackers that would make many question whether or not they had any humanity left in them. Greengrass shows that the hijackers were much more complex than what many make them out to be. He shows that the hijackers were once everyday people. He shows that the hijackers probably experienced just as much fear, if not more, as anyone else on the hijacked planes. United 93 is about how courage is necessary for even the likes of terrorists.
It is clear what Greengrass wants the viewer the viewer to see, and it is clear how he gets the viewer to see such things. For instance, Greengrass starts the film off by showing the hijacking men praying before everything goes down. Greengrass did this specifically to make the viewer a little uncomfortable. Not many were ready to see the human side of terrorists at the start of the film. Not to mention, the film came out not too long after the actual attack. Greengrass also shows the terrorists praying at the airport before they board the plane. They pray right before they execute their hijacking plan too. This is all a tool for Greengrass to use to dig deep into the viewer’s conscience. The terrorists are constantly asking for strength, composer, and for acceptance through their prayers. Greengrass didn’t want so much to emphasize on the religious end of it; rather, he wanted to emphasize on a sense of doubt that the terrorists probably had. Greengrass wants to show that the people w...

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...the terrorist flying the plane to hang on to the controls after the passengers had invaded the cockpit. Any sort of courage portrayed in this movie is genuine.
Courage is necessary for the likes of anyone. The passengers needed courage to fight through oppression, and the terrorists needed courage to follow through with a plan that would guarantee their own deaths. Typically the viewer would say, “Terrorists bad. Passengers good.” But that too is the typical judgment of someone who has not been given all of the context. Greengrass puts the viewer in a tough spot. But it is all justified. It wouldn’t be fair just to look plainly at Americas view on the acts. One must understand the magnitude and complexity of the situation before establishing any sort of standpoint or position. Greengrass is correct in saying that even the terrorists were courageous in their efforts.

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