Could Technology be to Blame for Child Obesity? Essay

Could Technology be to Blame for Child Obesity? Essay

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The world we live in today revolves around our convenience. The average lifestyle involves juggling school, work, sports, and family but where does food fit into the equation? We need to feed ourselves to survive so we have no choice, but to fit it into our busy schedules. Most people don’t have time to sit down and have the traditional home cooked meal anymore. Instead they have to eat on the go to keep up with their fast pace schedule. The food that can be provided fast and through a drive through is not necessarily the healthiest for our bodies and this is why I believe the majority of society is becoming overweight. An online source stated, “Partly due to the fast food culture, about 60% of Americans are overweight or obese.” The busy American lifestyle requires us to eat processed foods that cannot provide our bodies with the needed nutrients to stay at a healthy weight.
If I believe that convenience is to blame for obesity rates, then who is to blame for creating this hectic lifestyle that relies on “convenience”? Well its simple really, just look around you, technology. It is everywhere around us and most people couldn’t imagine living without it. It’s something that almost everyone relies on in order to get work done. The internet, computers, cell phones, laptops, and tablets enable us to communicate with others from far distances easier. Some might argue that the young generations are addicted to technology and that’s they have no social skills. I agree with this theory because many kids are so attached to cell phones, video games, and computers that they don’t need human interaction anymore. Time magazines states,
“TV watching can establish a deeper pattern of poor eating habits that can set children up not only for ...

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... about how fast food, meat particularly, is processed. Not only does it open your eyes to how fast food is processed but also it shows how all food in the grocery store is not really “food”. The movie suggests that humans are “starving” themselves from the needed nutrients that we need to survive. Common snacks for kids like cereal, cheez-its, fruit snacks, potato chips, granola bars, and other easily prepared foods do not contain the nutrients that our bodies need to grow and stay healthy. What children really need to be eating are fruits and vegetables and there are endless ways that these can be prepared to taste delicious!

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