Essay on Cost And Quality Of Healthcare

Essay on Cost And Quality Of Healthcare

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Cost and Quality Analysis
The person pursues healthcare service with great expectations such as quality health care, latest technological interventions and low cost for their service. Nowadays, one of the challenges facing by the health care providers is providing appropriate care and identifying their needs in a cost effective and comprehensive way without compromising the quality of care. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) reported “an rise in healthcare spending from $2.34 trillion in 2008 to $ 2.47 trillion in 2009, the largest one year increase since 1960” (Pickert, K, 2010). “The action to improve the American health care delivery system as a whole, in all of its quality dimensions such as efficiency, effectiveness, equitability, timeliness, patient-centeredness, and safety for all Americans” (IOM, 2011).
Relationship of Healthcare cost and quality
U.S. spends about 15% of its gross domestic product on healthcare, thereby making it the largest sector of the economy” (Goldman, D., & McGlynn, E., 2005). “Americans are not healthier than some of the other developed nations, regardless of these extensive costs” (WHO, 2010). “Almost 40 million Americans are uninsured and about 18% of Americans under the age of 65 receive half of the recommended healthcare services” (Goldman, D., & McGlynn, E., 2005). “Though, quality of care was noted not to vary much in cities with respect to lack of insurance, poverty, penetration of managed care and availability of physicians and hospital beds” (Goldman, D., & McGlynn, E., 2005).
Roles and Major Activities of Public and Private Agency
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHR...

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...roles, need to take initiative to make decisions pertaining to quality with cost containment. It is thus important to foster multidisciplinary collaborations to achieve the common goal of quality in care delivery. “Points out that nurse are going to have a critical role in that future especially in producing safe, quality care and coverage for all patients in our health care system” (IOM, 2011). To provide evidence-based practice to improve quality of care, nurse-sensitive measures have to be adopted.

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