Essay on Cosmetic Aspects Of Plastic Surgery

Essay on Cosmetic Aspects Of Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery is defined as the alteration, restoration, or reconstruction of the body by practitioners in the field. Although plastic surgery has many reconstructive procedures, society tends to focus on the cosmetic aspects of the field. The act of changing one’s “god given” appearance is looked upon with cold eyes by the general public and as an intern in a plastic surgery arts center, it is not uncommon to see women fidgeting in the lobby wondering if the doctor would be able to help them with their insecurities. Women who come in with the one goal to instill self-confidence in themselves. There are many people who disapprove of cosmetic surgery due to its vain nature. These people believe in natural beauty and admire certain features that appear on their own. The problem with this belief is that it creates a hierarchy in which the “more attractive” people are worshipped and praised, yet if a “less attractive” person wanted to change themselves to move up in the hierarchy then they are looked down upon as fake or narcissistic, however cosmetic surgery can greatly improve the quality of life of its patients. Plastic surgery, when done for the right reasons can boost a person’s confidence, give them a competing edge in the workplace and can improve their overall happiness.
The way a person looks and how others view them is a major factor in one’s confidence and plastic surgery assists people in gaining confidence in themselves. By changing their appearance, people can boost their confidence. In today’s society, peoples are regarded as individuals that are in control of what they look like. Tattoos for instance are popular permanent etches into your skin that many people are in favor of. However, when it comes to plastic surg...

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...ith dead fat that would not go away through exercise and will persist if not surgically removed. In fact more so than not the cases seen at a plastic surgery arts center are medical rather than “lazy” people who want to take the easy way out of exercising. Misconceptions like these create issues for those who wish to receive plastic surgery because it paints the patients in a negative light.
Overall, plastic surgery is done for oneself and not for anyone else. Although it is true cosmetic procedures can increase one’s happiness, the surgery has to be done because the patient wants to and not because of pressure from friends, family members, or even society. Plastic surgery seems like a hotly debated topic in America currently, but it is simply nothing more than a way for people to lose their insecurities as well as negative medical conditions that haunt their past.

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