Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia Pacific Region Essay

Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia Pacific Region Essay

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Image is everything to a business; businesses without a face cannot survive in the dynamic environment leave alone sustain a loyal customer base. Thus, the essence of introducing the public relations department within an organization to handle matters relating to its image to the society in general, and also to guide on the services the organization may offer to the community. This department is engaged in the implementation of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or a corporate citizenship program that oversees its involvement in developing sustainable all round growth and development of the society in which it operates. CSR refers to an organization’s mechanism for ensuring that it goes beyond adhering to law by engaging in activities that create a positive impact in the lives of its customers, both internal and external, in the community and on the entire environment. It is a policy that keenly serves the strategy of the ‘triple bottom line’ that entails creating maximum value in regard to people, the planet, and the profit objective simultaneously. An effective CSR program i...

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