Copyright Law And Standards For Ensuring Compliance With Legal Obligations With Copyright Holders

Copyright Law And Standards For Ensuring Compliance With Legal Obligations With Copyright Holders

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Both McCormick and the PPMI identify that staff and learners need education about copyright law and standards to ensure compliance with legal obligations and to protect copyright holders. Understanding the law enables users to make risk management decisions, as well as minimizing the impact they have on lawful activity. In my own setting, I believe that a number of ‘Landsdowne Road Agreement’ hours could be allocated to facilitate professional development courses for school employees regarding copyright legislation.
A practical recommendation at school level from by Maddox is to introduce a school copyright policy. Teachers, through education, should become increasingly aware of copyright laws as they have a responsibility to ensure that what they copy and use is permitted under copyright legislation. The creation of a school-wide policy in relation to copyright is essential to ensure best practice. Policies should be drawn up in collaboration and consultation with all stakeholders including the board of management, teachers, the parent’s association and the student’s council to reduce any uncertainty about obligations under the legislation.
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As technology evolves, we will face many challenges in relation to copyright legislation. Literature cites that obstacles inhibiting access are one of the most challenging aspects of copyright legislation. Educators encounter such obstacles on a regular basis and in this digital era it is more evident than ever before. With watermarks, TMPs and the need for licenses, I concur with such findings, believing that it is becoming increasingly difficult to access quality resources without incurring some aspect of difficulty or cost. A teacher’s knowledge about copyright can be an obstacle th...

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...most confounding and misunderstood laws”.
The Hargreaves Report emphasises the complicated nature of the copyright legislation and how it is intertwined in daily educational tasks and learning activities where one must “…cross over the multiple boundaries and traverse the vagaries of copyright and licensing. They will trip over ‘orphans’, bump into third party rights, be turned away by pay-for services, use licenses and make their own materials- often without knowing that there are multiple copyright dimensions to what they are doing, because, who can know all about copyright?” The lack of awareness that surrounds the legislation needs to be addressed through educational programmes for employees and students of educational institutions. Through knowledge will come power, and spreading awareness will lead to more lawful and permitted usage of materials and resources.

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