Importance And Importance Of Copyright Law

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Copyright is a protection for authors, composers or artists and other creators who create innovative idea base work. Copyright law is important because of its role to protect the interests of the creator, while allowing others to gain access to it legally. It designed to make sure that creators receive appropriate rights for their own ideas and creativity, and to promote artistic creativity by protecting the creator.

In the United States Constitution it states “The Congress shall have power ... to promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries” (Garofalo 33).1

Printing press and the development of technology
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These laws work to differentiate the works that require protection, what needs to be protected and what form of usage can be permitted without a license. Proper enforcement of laws to combat piracy is required so that all stakeholders, regardless of them being the user or the creator can benefit from this protection.
However, in recent years, it is not uncommon to see copyright in the possession of a third party other than the creator. These companies make use of copyright as an investment and financial tools to gain profit. In this case, the use of copyright loses its original purpose of protecting the creator, but used as a mean for financial gain. This could possibly hinder creativity as innovation becomes a financial tool catered to the tastes of the general public, while the less marketable new ideas goes unnoticed by the general public under the copyright laws. It is crucial to note that online platforms such as blogs, Facebook and Youtube, and people making their music/works available online for free shows the rapid surge in the number of people willing to sacrifice their copyrights to market themselves to the world. In this highly saturated market, copyright laws can become less relevant as marketing and business is placed on higher
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An artist who can take an idea and improve on it is the one coined by this saying as a “great artist”. This artist do not take the idea at face value, he/she looks at it from a fresh perspective and gives the idea their own innovative twist, expanding the potential of the idea even further. Copyright laws can hinder this process significantly by limiting access and usage of the old ideas. The excess fees or legal procedures required to gain access to previous works can be slowed down, deterring some from creation and innovation. Freedom should be an essential part of the creativity process, and the existence of these laws itself could just be the limiting factor for more successful innovations to be made. Therefore, the usage of copyright laws should be reviewed frequently as it should ensure the dissemination of fresh ideas while protecting the
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