The Copernican Revolution And Its Impact On Today 's Society Essay

The Copernican Revolution And Its Impact On Today 's Society Essay

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The Copernican revolution is about the understanding of scientists, and individuals about the world and its place in the universe. It is the change of putting the sun in the center of the universe rather than the earth, with moving stars and planets. This rotation in ideas did shape the history in the way we see the universe, the planets, the stars, and the sun compared to the earth. Yet, this revolution does not lie on the shoulder of one man. The Copernican revolution got its name from Copernicus because he was the first one to bring his ideas and arguments in a world where the Ptolemaic system was dominating. But the thinkers that followed, such as Brahe, Kepler and Galileo are as important. This paper will give the history of the revolution, explaining what it is and how it happened, as well as demonstrate its impact on today’s society.

What is the Copernican Revolution?
The Copernican Revolution can be explained as a paradigm shift. A change in a model, a fundamental switch into a common assumption. In science, it is argued that two different changes can take place. The first one as a gradual transition, which is backed up by Karl Popper. And the second one as a rapid change, when a model is suddenly replaced by a different one, argued by Thomas Kuhn. The Copernican Revolution changed the way people looked at the earth and the stars within the universe. He refute that the earth was the center of the universe, and put instead the sun as the middle. Yet what was the beliefs before Copernicus?
Well, first off, let replace the history of the situation. The idea of a universe came from the Ancient Greek, around 500 to 300 BC, where the main cultural belief was polytheism. Indeed no real universal rule was applied, but rather a c...

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...ppose it. I do believe that Galileo was the one of the novelist, maybe ahead of his time, to stand up for his experiments and arguments regardless the religious beliefs of the power in place.

In conclusion, the Copernican revolution did change the course of history and still impact everyone’s life on daily basis, whether one realizes it or not. In our society of today, children are taught at a young age that the sun is in the center of the universe and the earth is going around it, not in a perfect circle. That fact, is a granted knowledge most of people have, without wondering how it all came about. Yet, without the Copernican revolution, we might still be thinking that the earth was in the center of the universe inside a motionless cloud of stars. Therefore the Copernican revolution did shape, in some way or another, one’s perspective of the world, and the universe

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