The Controversy Of Nathan Hatch Essay

The Controversy Of Nathan Hatch Essay

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Nathan Hatch has been noted as one of the most influential scholars in the study of the history of religion in America. Nathan was born in raised in Columbia, South Carolina. Records show that Hatch graduated Wheaton college summa cum laude and then advanced with his masters and doctoral degrees from Washington university in St. Louis. Hatch also served as an associate dean at Notre Dame’s College of Arts and letters. It was there that he instituted and directed the institute of scholarship in the liberal arts that involved many changes. Because of the many awards he won, hatch was then pronounced vice president for graduate studies and research in 1989. May it be known that he became the third person to hold that position since its establishment in 1970. Nathan’s credentials, then, can be proven to be profound and without a doubt trustworthy. In fact, according to sources, “The Democratization of American Christianity, published by Yale University Press in 1989, garnered three awards. These included the 1989 Albert Outler Prize in Ecumenical Church History and the 1990 John Hope Franklin Prize as the best book in American studies.” Professor Gordon Wood of Brown University called it "the best book on religion in the early Republic that has ever been written"; In a survey of 2,000 historians and sociologists it was also chosen as one of the two most important books when learning American religion.

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The Democratization of American Christianity, by Nathan Hatch, was written to expound in depth the recounting of the five major mass movements of the nineteenth century. Nathan Hatch has been noted as one of the most influential scholars in the study of the history of religion in America. In his book, he profoundl...

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...r as for the seminary scholar. Whether one is seeking to understand their own heritage or studying in depth the many facets of church history, this book offers a clear framework of evidence. Overall, I think this book was an easy read compared to others of American History. Hatch’s narrative tone really brought the pages to life. Starting off, I dared to hold to the notion that this book was solely meant to increase my wisdom of American history and the ecclesiastical changes brought forth from this era. I now, however, see how this can be spiritually valuable as well. Understanding the enthusiasm and explosion of thoughts and efforts that influenced Christianity today makes a significant difference in how much you appreciate the sovereign hand of God. Just as Hatch noted, we can rejoice that the “weak were confounding the mighty, the last becoming the first” (226).

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