Analysis Of The Boyd's The Myth Of A Christian Nation

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The message of political alignment is a vast and varying concept, one that will be debated for as a long as party divisions exist. This divide however exists in not just the Christian community. We begin with the metaphor of a shepherds flock, blindly following what an individual says over ones own thinking. Boyd furthers this concept of alignment and how “many who left sincerely believe there is little ambiguity in how true Christian faith translates into politics. Since God is against abortion, Christians should vote for the pro-life candidate, they believe- and the preacher should say so” (Boyd 2). This blind adherence to one topic, one issue is unfortunately a failure on an intellectual level of all people, whether Christian or not. The…show more content…
He focuses on religion as the primary reason, but let us take this one step further. Every American, regardless of religious affiliation (which is in many regards just a detrimental as Boyd 's argument against political alignment) should be wary of political absolutism. The world is not black and white, and neither are our political candidates. To fixate on one issue or one party is to toss reason out the door and become a blind believer. Faith might work for some in the religious arena, it does not and cannot work in the political arena. We can hope God does not have a secondary agenda, but for the entirety of humanities existence people in power always have ulterior motives. And this brings us to Boyd 's topic of alignment to an individual who is anti-choice. Just as we know and understand Christians believe in keeping a child, so does a political candidate. They are called platforms for a reason, they get you into office. Be wary of such absolutes, as they are routinely a gambit. In the Christian context, this alignment causes a barrier to God 's work. God is not interested in politics, His sole interest is in a better world, one where each and everyone of us strives to help each other, but to align oneself to politics or a “Worldly Nation” is to ignore the “Christian Nation”. Boyd believes “a significant segment of American evangelicalism is…show more content…
Neglect the “Nations of the World” and instead focus on the “Nation of God”. Christians path in life can be boiled down to giving their full allegiance to the Kingdom of God. In doing so they need to denounce the coercive and violent ideologies of the natural world. Translating this to the Christian call to action, we must follow the Kingdom of God in transforming the world, rather than using politics as a means towards such a transformation. This is based upon his destroying of the notion that America is a Christian Nation: “What gives this understanding of the kingdom of God such strong emotional force is the long standing myth that America is a 'Christian nation. ' From the start, Americans have been inclined to believe that God’s will was manifested in the founding of our country and is yet manifested in the global activity of our nation. Throughout our history, most Americans have confidently assumed our nation’s causes and wars were righteous and just and that God was 'on our side. ' In our minds, and often in our churches, the cross and the national flag have gone hand in hand. Consequently, the conservative church has, to a large extent at least, tended to view itself as the religious guardian of all that is godly in our culture. America is a holy city 'set on a hill, ' and the church’s job is to keep it shining” (Reknew). Remove the temptation and allegiance to the natural world and it can and will distract
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