Essay on The Controversy Of Human Cloning

Essay on The Controversy Of Human Cloning

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Human cloning is a rising issue that questions our ethics and moralities. The recent ethical issues with cloning has led to the creation of a moratorium on cloning. The debate between allowing human cloning and banning it is still ongoing. Human cloning has many negative moral issues and could harm earth by causing over population, but human cloning has many positive impacts such as lengthening the human lifespan and cloning organs that could save the lives of patients dying from organ failure. Both sides of the argument have a substantial amount of reasoning and examples that explain each side of the debate. Most sources explain how the positive aspect of cloning in humans can help scientific research advance in various ways, where as the negative aspect explains how its morally wrong and could potentially harm humankind.
A moratorium that had been created on human cloning had impacted the scientific community in a negative way, splitting it in to two halves where one half believes cloning is the future of science and the other half believes cloning should continue to be banned. An article published in 2002 shows how cloning has impacted and split the moral values of society. Senator Sam Brownback once led the charge to uphold a moratorium on human cloning but he came short the advantages of cloning had brought his argument to an abrupt end. “Brownback, who had the backing of several conservative groups and President George W. Bush, once appeared to have the votes to pass his bill. But a broad coalition of research and patient groups fought back with an arsenal that included television ads and Capitol Hill visits from Hollywood stars, Nobel Prize-winning scientists, and children suffering from currently incurable conditions” (Mal...

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...Cloning can extend the lives of loved ones, for example the number of accidental orphaned children could be reduced by cloning their parent or guardian, this shows that the morality of cloning has many positive factors.
Human cloning has many positive and negative factors that affects the morality and scientific value of it. The facts stated throughout this essay help explain how cloning can positively affect the human race. Cloning does have its cons but the pros out weigh them, the amount of scientific advancement and human preservation is boundless when using cloning research. Cloning in humans can prolong the lives of families, and could prevent organ failure through cloning new organs from healthy donors. The more science advances, the more the scientific community would want to explore cloning, that could lift the moratorium held on cloning in the near future.

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