Controversial Subjects And Debates Within The Field Of Paleoanthropology

Controversial Subjects And Debates Within The Field Of Paleoanthropology

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A plethora of controversial subjects and debates emerges in the field of paleoanthropology. The subject of what constitutes a new human species materializes tension within the field. The debates that arise from paleoanthropologist tend to be personal. This results from ambition and lifelong quests for recognition, funding, and fame, can make it difficult for paleoanthropologists to admit when they are wrong (Luskins). Therefore, research released by paleoanthropologist can cause conflict for students, teachers, and fellow specialist. Paleoanthropologist is to expect strife from counterparts, geography, and complication in the analysis of remains as a result of publicizing their data of unknown hominin species.
Disagreements surface in regard to the publishing of a paleoanthropologist’s discoveries of new hominid species. According to Luskins, “paleoanthropology is rife with dissent and with few universally accepted theories among its practitioners.” A large quantity of the controversies within paleoanthropology arises from fellow paleoanthropologist. In the midst of the field, each expert has his or her own idea of what constitutes a new species and how to adequately research the data to prove their find. Insufficient evidence originates from the lack of an appropriate amount of remains or inconclusive data. Fragmentation of the data, combined with the desire of confident assertion from paleoanthropologist sparks sharp disagreements within the field (Luskin). On the other hand, the criticisms that follow publications of new hominid species are a result of fellow practitioners discovering flaws in the initial data. The reviewing of a counterpart 's published inquisition is a part of a paleoanthropologist’s job. That is the reason ...

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...attempt to establish morphology. Wong’s article states, “The extreme mosaicism evident in A. sediba. Berger says, should be a lesson to paleoanthropologists. Had he found any number of its bones in isolation, he would have classified them differently.” In order to acquire valid assumptions about A. sediba, Berger spent years analyzing, excavating, revising his work before he published the research on A. sediba.
Overall, the establishment of a new human species is a very controversial topic. The geography and process of dating ancient remains cause strife when paleoanthropologist try to fit their discoveries within the fossil record. Fellow researcher’s criticisms are beneficial and harmful for the discipline of paleoanthropology. As more specimens are uncovered, the disputes and challenging of the fossil record will only increase in the field of Paleoanthropology.

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