Consider the Lobster, by David Foster Wallace Essay

Consider the Lobster, by David Foster Wallace Essay

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I really value health that I wouldn't mind spending a lot of money on it especially when it comes to food. I'm a health buff but I am not trying to be a Vegan but reading Consider the Lobster by David Foster Wallace makes me curious in some way. Suppose that animal does feel the pain and suffers like human being? Boiling lobster to be specific, when you're about to cook them, do they somehow suffer, feel the pain, or have this emotions? because they struggle a lot in a pot when cooking it and make unnecessary noises. Based on this research, it is proven that animals have emotions.
The major thing about Mr. Wallace’s article is his concern about suffering of Lobster which he briefly explain the facts, he’s article feature the Maine Lobster Festival in Maine which the festival will cook 25,000 pound of lobsters, the World Largest Lobster Cooker as they call it, lobster will be cook in a gruesome way which he is concerned. Mr. Wallace characterized the lobster that boiling them is really hard for him to watch. Example is in his article he said that “Lobster looks like they are suffering as they hang their claws in the pot”. But this explains why the violent reaction of lobsters to boiling water is a reflex to noxious stimuli. And to add, Based on review by the Scottish animal welfare group Advocate for Animals released reported, a scientific evidence that strongly suggests that there is a potential for lobsters to experience pain and suffering. This is primarily because lobsters and other decapod crustaceans have opioid receptors and respond to opioids analgesics such as morphine in a similar way to vertebrates, indicating that lobsters' reaction to injury changes when painkillers are applied. The similariti...

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...this research I love animals more than ever that I don’t care if science nor people believed it or not that they have emotions.

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