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Essay Congressional Term Limits

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Politicians and citizens alike have fervently debated congressional term limits for years; the issue has resulted in numerous proposals for legislation, however, few have attracted the support of the government or the people. Still, the welfare of the nation thirsts for this reform, for it will bring about progress, efficiency, and increased dedication to the American people. The legislative branch is where ideas are created and put into action. By imposing term limits, the American people can make sure that they are relying on only the most intellectually elite, selfless, and responsible leaders to cultivate and foster these ideas. New people must be given a chance to inject progressive ideas and challenge the ideals of a venal legislation. These necessities can be delivered most promptly and efficiently through the implementation of congressional term limits. Term restrictions will have the power to give Congress renewed and more effective members.
By implementing congressional term limits, the government is ensured to have a legislative branch that works towards maintaining the founding fathers’ visions. The founding fathers manipulated the norms of government to make it so that their creation responded to the people, not the other way around; due to their accomplishments and reliability, it is most beneficial that we adhere to their original plans. Still, like all human beings, they failed to see how much society would alter in the centuries to come. Today’s government has obviously digressed from their road because the founders were unable to enforce such foreseeing restrictions. In order to put them back on track, it is essential that they institute the regulations that were needed so long ago.
The Founding Fathers never...

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