Congress and the Law Making Process Essay

Congress and the Law Making Process Essay

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The Legislative Branch consists of Congress, which is made up of two parts; The House of Representatives and the Senate. These two parts of Congress was a result of the 1789 Compromise between the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan. The Virginia Plan was about states wanted more representation in Congress because they were bigger states. From that plan the New Jersey Plan was brought forth. The New Jersey Plan basically said was smaller and bigger states should have equal power in Congress, so the bigger states don’t overpower the smaller states. In 1789 the solution came, with Great Compromise that took parts of both plans and used it. As part of the Virginia plan the House of Representatives was created, that gave representation in congress by state size. The New Jersey Plan helped create the Senate that gave equal representation of two members per state. These two groups help create Congress that shares the same process; of creating laws.
How laws are first started is though the first step which is the draft stage. Members of Congress in this stage begin gathering and putting together ideas for their laws. They are basically doing what we do in school by doing a rough draft of their work. Not only does Congress write draft bills the Executive Branch is able to write up drafts, but they can review which goes into the next step of
The second step to this process, which is members and only members only of congress take the bills or the draft of the law and present it to the other members of their house, which is the House of Representatives. Once it is presented, the rest of them members they either agree or disagree on the bill, if they all agree they go to the next part of presenting it, which is revision. They read over it...

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...eople send ideas to Senators, and never hear about it again. There is also a time when people don’t hear back from the Senators, then years later take credit and pass or work on a bill that was brought forth by the citizens. So we as people should get report back so we can feel like our Senators actually care about the lives they effect of making laws for us.
The Law Making Process is one of the most important parts of forming what our Nation is today, it involves millions of people, and every little thing that is created and passed by Congress will affect someone, somewhere, somehow.

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