Essay on Conformity Is Essential For Life

Essay on Conformity Is Essential For Life

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Conformity is defined as behavior in accordance with socially accepted conventions or standards. This is not a good or bad thing, this just is. It exists as a compliment to earlier humans congregating into larger groups, using agriculture and domestication to create sustenance. Also, conformity is essential for life. We need people to share the same ideas, ideologies and a way of thinking in order to work efficiently and effectively. There many examples that exist like, at work or in your house and even within yourself. Sigmund Freud has explained the phenomena of group psychology in a piece titled, Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego. Using Freud’s theory of conformity I will explain the self, what we call “me”,and its different constituents using The Principles of Psychology by Willam James to show how in each of us these different constituents come together to then form who and what we are. This then helps to better understand and recognize ourselves.
Before delving into the self we first must understand the theory of conformity that Freud has created to better understand group behavior. The premise behind Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego was to answer why we do what we do in a group and why people are very different in a group opposed to individuality. Freud recognizes that groups are highly suggestible and explains this using the concept of libido. Libido, as defined by Freud, is an expression taken from the theory of the emotions. Though, libido may be also called or understood as love in some respects he alludes to saying though it my share this common name in essence the idea is that though we recognize love in a sexual form it is more so that it consists of all the love we have for one another, ...

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...e entity. James does state that this is a fluctuating model but virtually each member of the constituents and the group of the self creates your being and is what you call you.
Who you are is no one thing but many things. You are comprised of a group of selves which form who you are. This notion was explained through William James and The Principles of Psychology more so his theory of the self and consciousness of the self. Understanding you are a group of many things this group behavior can also be defined by the theory of consciousness by Sigmund Freud. There exists a leader or ideology in the Pure Ego and this relationship between both the group members, the constituents, and the group and the leader in which keeps the group together and maintains the composure of the group. These two theories both explain who we are and how must conform within ourselves.

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