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Conflicts have been arising between the Middle East and the West for centauries, and as eras change, the reasons for those conflicts change along according to surrounding world events. Historically, the decline of the Ottoman Empire in the nineteenth centaury paved a path for European colonialism, which was ignited by the desire for extra territories and a gate to Asia. Consequently, World War I started, and the conflicts were then mainly about religion. However after the war, when all countries broke out of the European imperialism, England handed the Jewish people a piece of land that originally belonged to the Palestinians in their 1917 Belfour Declaration; Arabs and Middle Easterners in general took a stand against the Jews who were later allied by many of the Westerners. This was the fire that caused the smoke. In more recent times, after the discovery of the fortunes buried under parts of the Middle Eastern region, the energy resources interested the Westerners. Fossil fuels and oil depletion are the main reasons behind the Western conflict with the Middle East; starting from the war on Iraq in 2003 till the Syrian intervention that has been recently planned in late August, and several more focal events in between, gaining power and control over these resources have been the motives behind many relatively recent political encounters.

Uses of Oil:

In order to fully understand the Wests urge of control over Middle Eastern oil, one must recognize the forms that those energy resources come in; given the importance of oil in almost everything produced, controlling the basic component would significantly affect the market. Petroleum products, in all of their forms, are used in four major sectors: transportation, ind...

... middle of paper ...

...s, including having a bas next to Israel, enhancing democracy, restating security, monopolizing trade currencies, and freeing others from dictator leaders, but it mainly revolves around wanting to control and having power over the energy resources and oil reserves in the region. Crude oil is of great use to any economy in mainly four sectors: Industrial, commercial, residential and transportation. The United States has been in conflict with several Middle Eastern countries over the course of its relatively short history for reasons that change over time; from religion, to ethnicity, illegal weapon possession, and finally for its buried treasures. From Iran in the 1980s, to Afghanistan in 2001, to Iraq in 2003, to Syria in 2013, and many more in between, the West, specifically the United States has been seeking its own gain and has taken that to incredible measures.

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