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Computers are changing the world as we know it, and they offer an exciting new way of working. The news represented a complete turnaround for the corporate giant. Microsoft Chairperson, Bill Gates publicly announced his company's new connection to the Internet. The announcement rang through the nation. Gates has consistently ignored the Internet in favor of desktop computing. So, with Microsoft's approval, computers kicked into even higher gear . The pace of innovation continues to astonish even those involved from the start. If one wants to find enthusiasm, intellect, hard work, and imagination; then computers is the place to be .
Computer engineers build and design computers and computer-related media (OCIS). A constantly changing career, computer engineering is offering more jobs now than ever before. Webmaster, HTML programmer, JAVA programmer, Online Content Developer. Five years ago such job titles didn't exist, but then neither did the work thousands of people are engaged in today. Once upon a time, computer programmers and electrical engineers were the only computer-related jobs. Now more jobs such as marketing, sales, product development, human resources and finance have joined the list of technological jobs.
There has been a surprising change in society, which computer engineering has brought about . The Internet in particular is changing every activity of our daily lives. Today just about every advertisement on television, radio and in print carries a web address. It is not unusual for consumers to research a purchase on the Internet before buying. Websites offer thousands of pages of detailed information. Chat rooms and news groups attract many people with opinions t...

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... deadlines. Anyone wishing to work in the field must be ready for long hours and maybe some uncomfortable working conditions. Some computer engineers work seventy to eighty hours a week. That's almost double of what the average occupation requires! It is also important to have the ability to grasp new ideas and adapt to them quickly. Somewhere in the world, at any
moment, a sharp-witted person is putting another new idea up on the web .
Modern technology is changing mankind's way of life, and at the forefront, computers are paving the way. New media and technology offer new, and exciting jobs allowing humans to live at the speed of light. Computers have advanced our civilization and from now on, nothing will ever be the same. One thing is certain. Computer engineering will not be the same five years from now . . . maybe not even in five minutes.

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