Computer Hacking Epidemic

Computer Hacking Epidemic

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Computer hackers could arguably be the next epidemic in America and as the world becomes more and more reliant on computers the computer hacking industry is greatly rising to dangerous levels. With such hackers as Kevin Mitnick, who is known as a computer terrorist, computerized information isn't safe any more. Kevin is known as the most high-profiled computer criminal and responsible for reaping the most havoc in the computer world today. He considered this an easy and fun task. He finally got caught and was thrown into prison, but once he got out nothing changed. Kevin stated that as long as the technology is there it just calls to people to break into it.
Computer hackers usually start off young, thinking that it is nothing but a little harmless fun. But as they get older, they realize it has turned into an addiction. The definition of a hacker according to the "Hacker's Dictionary", is a person who enjoys exploring the details of program and how to stretch their capabilities. The Internet is just another playing field. Hackers regard hacking as a game in which their mind is up against that of the system designers. The Internet allows the hackers to take files, programs, passwords, and other information from users that are surf the web. They use this as a tool to make it easier to beat the system. There are three types of hackers, one with good intentions, also known as an ethical hacker, but gets slapped in the face due to the bad reputation of others, there are the hackers with bad intentions, and there are the hackers that fit in between. The bad hacker category is the largest by far. A bad hacker's motives are to punish someone or retaliate against the owner of a computer system. Computer terrorists fall under this category. Some bad hackers may also hack just to challenge the programmer. The hacker feels that if they can break into a program then they are much more superior to the person who actually wrote the code. They can feel so superior that they might enter a virus to eliminate a program that was not worthy of their abilities. One of the other many goals of a hacker is to steal passwords. Hackers can steal your password in about four different ways. Intercepting your password through email is not that difficult.

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This is by far the easiest method because all they have to do is take the email as it is being sent to you. Hackers can also use a program called a password cracker to actually learn you password. There are two types of theses but both have their own flaws. The first checks every password possible from the entry site. The second uses a program that goes in and reads the passwords off one by one. The problem with both is that you have to get the cracker into the site, undetected, you must also cover you trail. Some prefer the manual method first. There are actually lists of a 100 or more most-used passwords. Hackers have reported that, a simple password that appears in the English dictionary will take about an hour or less for a hacker to crack. This is not considered a long time to a hacker. Third, they use what is called web spoofing. This is the most dangerous because they see what ever you are doing. They can get you passwords plus any other information you might have. This web spoofing is caused by a middle man who can redirect information from your page, to his page, to the page you were sending the information to. The middle man sees all. This is above all the easiest way to get any information that they might want or need. The last method is through Java. Through a program they can hack into a computers hard drive through your Java program. That is why if you can avoid keeping your passwords on your hard drive do it. Some people keep their passwords on three by five cards and store them which is much safer. The best method to securing yourself is always backing up files; that way if a virus or hacker crashes you computer you will be safe. Another very safe method is to change your password often and don't use the same password for everything. If they already know another one of your passwords, they will try them first. Consider rotating your passwords, just make sure they are not available on you hard drive. In the long run it will be safer to go through the trouble then risk your password being seen.
They use web spoofing to look at a person's credit card numbers while they type them in. Rule #1, nothing on the internet is secure, even if it says it is. This is considered to be the golden rule of safety on the Internet. Many people think that the internet is safe but there is always that little chance that someone could be watching. The novice computer hacker usually doesn't try anything as challenging as credit card fraud of password stealing. They usually are just pranksters looking for a good time. They are the ones who often release computer viruses. Theses viruses are dangerous because they can erase, change files or can even disable computers access to the internet. These viruses are starting to become more of a nuisance. The release of the love bug virus is a good example of this. It is suspected that a young adult had released this just to see the effects. This virus steals the passwords and deletes certain information of your machine. This type of virus also was created to spread from one person to all of the people in their computer address book throughout their email. The computer specialists working for the government have to learn how to solve this problem. Good hackers do exist; they are the ones who work for the government. They are also the ones who use their knowledge to try to stop to bad hackers from striking again. Their knowledge is used to try and outsmart the enemy. Their job is to try and predict what kind of viruses will be made as well as the existing viruses. They try to get in the mind of their evil counter-parts. They learn to explore what is going on in the hacker's brain. Good hackers try to eliminate viruses and find ways to stop people from uploading them. Their goals are to write software to prevent such occurrences. They are hired by companies to find safety measures that will help the company. Web servers are introducing new software that is close to being hacker-proof. These good hackers are essential for the survival of technology and the Internet. Hackers will be around no matter what happens. There will always be loop holes that the hacker can break into. It is a constant war between good and evil. The government and other companies will spend millions and millions of dollars each year just to try and keep their information safe. This is one thing that our tax dollars go too. There are underground hacker groups that hack just for the fun of it. Because they are "underground" police and government agents have a hard time tracking them down. All hackers are linked together through their hobby even though they never meet each other personally. On occasion you might even have a team of hackers working together. This is not very common but can happen when the job is too big for one hacker alone. But more often than not the hackers are soloists. It is been said that when hackers work together they get caught more often. Hackers will always do their work just like doctors will always treat patience. With the growth of technology come new threats, and new problems. This will continue to be on the rise due to advances in the world. Millions and millions of dollars will be put to end this but this will not work because new ways of hacking will always be made.
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