Essay on Computer Error : Computer Errors

Essay on Computer Error : Computer Errors

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1. Computer Errors

1a. What is an error?

In the computer world, another word for an error is “corruption. These corruptions happen when data, going from one source to another, is changed. [1] To understand the importance of this change, a more in-depth understanding is needed. Computers speak in their very own language called machine code or binary. This language is a stream of “1’s” and “0’s” is what every operation on every computer in the world depends on to operate. Since nothing in this world is perfect, errors are an eventuality. These errors manifest in the form of something called a “bit error.” [1] A bit error can most simply be explained as a “swapping” of a “0” to a “1” or vice versa. Something as simple as changing the second “0” in the binary value for 156 (10011100 changing to 11011100) can change the value read by the machine to 220. [1] Most of these errors can be classified into two groups: transmission errors and memory errors. Simply an error is anothing that doesn 't go as planned or predicted.

1b. Transmission Errors

For computers to communicate, whether it is internal or with another computer, data most go from one place to another. That means those “1’s” and “0’s” have traverse a medium for the computer to “talk.” This transmission can be on internal hardware components, a hardline like fiber optics or Ethernet, or even wireless technology like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even cell networks. Most of the time, these transmissions traverse over a number of these technologies. Since even computers don’t like people rambling on and on, they send data in chunks called “packets.” [2] Sometimes, due to the imperfections in these technologies, information can be corrupted by hardware transporting it.


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...s the most notable, recent error associated with government usage is the crash of the Healthcare Marketplace during the launch of Obamacare. The use of the website was underestimated, which caused the website to give many errors to users who were trying to access it. Users received various different error messages, applications were submitted with incomplete information, and duplicate applications were made. These issues were ongoing for several months after the launch of [13]

These errors can cause a multitude of issues for government users. Aside from being very inconvenient, these errors can be more serious and causes security issues. Any sort of security breach can put a user’s personal information at risk for identity theft. This is especially true if the information being transmitted includes credit card information or social security numbers.

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