Competition Within a Basketball Team Essay

Competition Within a Basketball Team Essay

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Basketball is a highly competitive sport, usually played between two different teams. Yet, the competition runs deeper than just the game played between two opposing teams. The truth is, players on the same team compete over roles all the time. This type of in-team competition is normal, but it must be kept at a healthy level. The Legacy Girls' Basketball team suffers from this type of competition everyday. In the past, the girls have had very successful seasons––just last year, in fact, they went 13-12. This year, however, with a record of 6-15, the girls are having a losing season. An unfortunate streak like that can be tough on any team––even those with the closest of bonds.
The losing season can be accounted for by two main concerns: One, there is an extreme lack of defensive effort, and two, negative attitudes have flared up because of frustrations between the players. These attitudes are causing more than just team problems, though; they are causing issues in the players' friendships off the basketball court. No sports team likes to lose, but because poor playing is hurting the team both on and off the court, affirmative action must be taken. Increased work on defense and shutting down the negative attitudes towards fellow teammates will not only help increase communication and trust, but it will also increase the chances of winning games throughout the rest of the season.
The first step towards getting the team involved is improving their defensive play. Coach Dan Nelson is a great offensive mentor, but when it comes to defense, the best person to go to is Mr. Dwight Nelson. Getting in contact with Mr. Dwight Nelson about his acceleration training program would be the first stage of progress, and setting a price, time,...

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...way of going back to the beginning of the season now, but there needs to be some changes made to turn the losing season around. No sports team likes to lose, so increased work on defense and shutting down the negative attitudes towards teammates will not only help communication and trust increase, but it will also increase the chances of winning games the rest of the season. If people decide to continue to ignore the negative team chemistry, things will just continue to get worse, not better. Even though the scores have gotten closer over the past few weeks, the lack of communication and defense makes it impossible for the team to close out halves and games. When losses come with bitter, blame-filled comments, it makes the season even less enjoyable. By using this three-step solution, two problems can be solved. Communication will increase and losses will diminish.

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