Essay on Comparisons of Advertisements

Essay on Comparisons of Advertisements

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Advertising is important for every type of business in all types of sectors. It is important to be creative in these adverts and advertisers use a variety of different techniques in order to sell their products ahead of their competitors. In a market with many competitors it is even more important to have a creative advert, as there is so many other businesses the customer can go to for the same product or services. This is no different for a supermarket chain. The food retail sector is a major sector with lots of big companies competing for a share in the market. These supermarkets all offer a similar service but market themselves and their products in different ways.

ASDA and Waitrose are a prime example of how a businesses core proposition differs in the same medium. ASDA own far more of the market share than Waitrose owning 15.5% compared to 3.8% owned by Waitrose (Mintel 2013a). However this effected by the businesses core proposition and their target market. ASDA’s core proposition is showing that they are cheaper than their rivals to try and gain customers from their competitors who are looking for a better deal. To do this they use the creativity strategy of benefit and informational to put across the information to the customers. This is the main proposition they use in all their adverts and this was no different in their 2013 Christmas advert in which they use the seasonal theme of snowmen to “attack rivals on price”(The Guardian 2013). They do this by using 4 snowmen with yellow, blue and orange scarfs to represent Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury’s all of which look sad, thin and small. The 4th snowman has a green scarf to represent ASDA and this snowman looks happy and is far taller than the other 3. The connotations ...

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