Comparison of Rio Bravo and El Dorado Essay

Comparison of Rio Bravo and El Dorado Essay

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In the 1959 Film Rio Bravo, a western, we see four men who stand alone in the face of adversity in the name of the law. In the 1966 film El Dorado, also a western, we can see this same scenario played out again. Both films were written by Leigh Brackett and directed by Howard Hawks. Although they are similar in there plot, there are some very obvious differences.
In the opening scene of Rio Bravo, we see Dude, a Deputy Sheriff, a disheveled looking man, as he enters a saloon through the back door, and he is mocked by a well-dressed man for his unkempt look and his desperate need for a drink. It is at this point that we see J T Chance, a Sheriff and Dudes close friend, as he tries to restore Dudes dignity and self respect. As the story unfolds Dudes condition becomes clearer. It is the result of several months of drinking whisky in an attempt to rid his memory of a failed romance. The relationship between Chance and Dude is that of close personnel friends with Chance being the more dominant of the two, Chance looks at Dude with pity and often shows compassion for his good friend. T...

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