Comparing The Tale Versus The Film Hoodwinked And The Movie ' Little Red Riding Hood '

Comparing The Tale Versus The Film Hoodwinked And The Movie ' Little Red Riding Hood '

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Everyone’s childhood was filled with fairytales, and stories that will forever be programed into our minds even memory that continues from generation to generations. You’ll remember in school your first book were both the three little pigs and even Little Red Riding Hood. Yes, good old fairytales who knew when you was reading the most famous little red riding hood it was actually a lot history behind the tale. Just to allow a slight backstory about the tale we were taught of the story going like this little girl goes to bring her grandmother a basket of sweet on the way she encounters a wolf she tells him she on her way to her grandmother’s house from there the wolf bets the little to the grandmothers house eats the hopeless grandmother then little red riding hood too. In this essay I will be showing the differences in the morals in the tale versus the film Hoodwinked and they are similar, and how they have the same message to convey.
After reading, Charles Perrault, version of “Little Red Riding Hood” a story told in the 17th century of France from that time era the 17th century. The audience of Charles writing were for kings, and young women and the royal courts. The purpose of his writing is developed a seriousness of why rich noble age women should be worried about predators. The rhetorical appeals that he displayed was pathos he expressed work of art that stirs up emotions of pity for Little Red Riding, and the Grandmother. So, the audience would feel sympathy and sorrow. By using pathos appeals he made an important persuasion in arguments of different emotions. After, I read upon H.R. Trevor- Roper’s journal article who is known for studies in 17th century history and European history he written an article called The Genera...

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...nderlining message to convey. Both versions of the story share the same purpose of warning their many audiences of the potential dangers of misplaced trust. They both have the hidden message where the film takes a lighter and humorist approach in allowing viewers to see that we should judge someone by the outer appearance because looks can be misleading. Basically, to sum the two you just would not know who is trustworthy. Like, in Hoodwinked the one who you’ll thought would be completely innocent and the good guy turns out to be villain and the evil person. Unlike the story told by Charles version of the Little Red riding hood story the wolf looked to be the dangerous and he was. In the end the two stories shared to the same meaning watch your back and to be careful of the people around you, because you never know when someone is plotting to do something bad to you.

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