Essay on Comparing the Egan Model of Counseling and Motivational Interviewing

Essay on Comparing the Egan Model of Counseling and Motivational Interviewing

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The Egan Model of counseling can be integrated into one of the principles of psychiatric nursing called motivational interviewing. Egan Model is used to help the counselor use structured and specific skills to assist the client to move forward. Motivational Interviewing “is a client centered, directive therapeutic style to enhance readiness by helping clients explore and resolve ambivalence” (Hettema, 2005, page 91). These models can easily be integrated into each other; there are many ideas and steps that overlap and complement each other.
The first part of this essay will be based on discussing the Egan Model and the Motivational Interviewing Models separately; describing what they are and how they work. Then a discussion on how they compare and how the models can be integrated into each other.
The Egan Model
The Egan model of counseling is used when the client is assisted by the helper to see possible solutions by a three step process. All three steps are gone through in the order in which they are laid out but the order can be varied with specific situations. An individual can move forward and backwards throughout the steps as the story changes. The first step of the process is to find out what is going on with the client. It is where the counselor helps by establishing a trusting relationship with the client in order to hear the story. The quicker that a confidential relationship is built up the easier it is for the client to establish trust in the counselor and the easier the story is to tell. It makes the start of the process easier for the client and the counselor.
Egan Model’s second step is new perspectives; this is where the counselor is helping the client to identify blind spots and helping to pick out any new pe...

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