Comparing Japanese And Japanese Culture Essay

Comparing Japanese And Japanese Culture Essay

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Adaptation and Originality
Japan 's has always looked to China for its iit all ideas regarding the fine arts, but they have always been adapted to fit Japanese culture.
The Japanese tended to add a more playful taste to the Chinese models.
Merchants were advocates of the arts and displayed high quality paintings and wooden block in their homes.
Response to the Western Challenge
In the later Tokugawa period the Japanese focus shifted from Buddhist ideals to Confucian ideals, which was different from Chinese Confucianism.
The Chinese were had little tolerance for those who stayed from the prescribed version of the Master, but the Japanese were not tied down by an official dictation of good and wrong.
Japan did not acknowledge the Mandate of Heaven, while China did not care for the shogun.
The practical secularism in Japan helped the daimyo explore Western technology with an open mind, unlike China.
After years of isolation the Japanese handled to forceful American presence fairly well.
They analysed the Western techniques and ideas with an open mind and willingly accepted them, rather than forcefully.
Southeast Asia
Territories within Southeast Asia that had themselves efficiently put together before the arrival of European traders and missionaries paid them little attention.
During the 1200’s Arab and Muslim Indian contact lead the conversion of many Asians to Islam.
Thailand and Burma were part of the Hinayana Buddhist practicing world, while Vietnam practiced Mahayana Buddhism, because of the Chinese influence.
Khmer had been divided between Thais and Viets during the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries.
The mainland was not influenced largely by the European presence in the smaller island were not.
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...was mainly the challenge to find food and combat.
Mao came up with view that claimed no revolution would be prosperous without Chinese peasants, and so he seeked out their support.
The Sino-Japanese War and the Maoist Challenge
Before Pearl Harbor The Japanese and the Chinese were engaged in a gruesome war because of Japanese agitations in Manchuria.
The Chinese government was relocated further inland by Chiang.
He hoped to build up a stronger alliance against the Japanese, but he did the opposite and isolated himself from his current allies.
Corruption spread, famine, disease, as poverty inhabited the region and diminished morale.
The attack on Pearl Harbor occurred and Chiang gained hope that the US would soon defeat Japan.
The Mao promoted themselves as nationalists and patriots. They introduced democratic practices that won over many workers and scholars.

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