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Comparing Dracula And The Devil Essays

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While studying the diabolical figures in the devil, the idea of presenting Dracula came to mind. Dracula represents the devil in many similar ways. Dracula remains as a character in many diabolical movies and films. For instance, Van Helsing provides a good interpret of how Dracula remains noticed in the past and in present day. Although Dracula’s character obtains different views in every movie and film, he plays an important role in Stephen Sommers Van Helsing movie. In the movie, he acts as many different things. Demonstrating both the kind and evil inside, Dracula portrays his character as a mystery. Different views of Dracula throughout the movie include harsh, strong, powerful, evil, the devil, and unstoppable. The studies of Dracula include all those traits, but the most popular traits include the evil ones. Dracula’s view will continue to stay as evil due to facts and representations. Dracula’s interpretation involves understanding where he originates, what happened to him, and why he does the stuff that he does. Transforming from a human male in the movie to instantly changing into a vampire bat, captures Dracula’s true appearance. He encounters a realistic and somewhat trustworthy side as well as an evil and unforgettable side. The way he uses each appearance makes his character unpredictable. Dracula reveals multiple diabolical figures in his character throughout the movie Van Helsing.
Stories including Dracula, have always been a devilish person, or vampire, or bat, or whatever people call him. The famous movie Van Helsing produced by Stephen Sommers, characterizes Dracula with many different meanings. Portrayed as a typical male human being, transforming into a vampire with astonishing bat-like wings that help him f...

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...imself and the actions he chooses.
Stephen Sommers famous movie Van Helsing, provides a basic formation of what vampires were capable of in Transylvania. The old area provides vampires with an easy way of life by capturing and murdering people to acquire life. The most intriguing vampire includes Dracula. A man who can change into a gigantic, evil, vampire bat within seconds. Sommers portrayed Dracula as the devil using diabolical figures. Figures included his ability to transform, murdering innocent lives, appearance, and sustaining evil children lives. Changing a few women into his brides, relatively provides another diabolical figure he enhances. Dracula will always remain evil, mysterious, and revengeful. Van Helsing demonstrates the diabolical figures of Dracula and how he uses them. The devil remains in Dracula as revealed throughout the movie and society.

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