Comparing Barak Obama's Administration to Abraham Lincoln's Essay

Comparing Barak Obama's Administration to Abraham Lincoln's Essay

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Over time there has been alot of president's that has been in and out of the white house. Some of the president's have done a great job in office some president's didn't do so good in the white house. People in general have all sorts of different opinions on president's some people may say one president was the best while another person may disagree. In my opinion out of all the president's there is a man named Abraham Lincoln who i think was one of the greatest president's of all time. One of are president's in the present who i think does not do a very good job in office is president Barack Obama. There are a lot of reason's why i put these two in the catogories i did and in my essay i am going to explain this reasoning behind my opinion.

Abraham lincoln is in my opinion one the best president's to ever step foot in office. Abraham Lincoln was born Febuary 12th 1809 born in to a poor family he was self educated. Abraham Lincoln started is great journey by becoming a country lawyer , a whig party leader , Illinois state legislator, and one term in the United States House of Representitives during in the 1830's. With no support from the south Abraham Lincoln swept the north and was elected president in 1860. Abraham Lincoln had several goals , but what makes him such a good president is he accomplished his goal's , he wanted to get rid of slavery and he fought to succeed in that. Abraham Lincoln used what was called Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 to use the army to help protect escaped slaves. Abraham Lincoln wanted to encourage the border states to outlaw slavery. He also pushed the Thirteenth Amendment which permanetly outlawed slavery. Abraham Lincoln was also a good listener he created a climate where cabinet members wer...

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...omeone who is going to be a leader , someone who is like Abraham Lincoln and is honest and is a strong chararcter. So many things have changed from when abraham Lincoln was president to now. Being president is no easy job there are going to be up's and down's , being a leader of the United States takes a lot of effort and support for everyone in office. When American's vote for a president they pick between two canidates , they want someone who can be trusted and be a leader but sometime's the people running they say they will do this and that but when they get elected it's a whole different ball game. I wish we could have another president who has the characteristics like Abraham Lincoln and can put stuff back to normal and someone who can be trusted and keep there promises. My opinion will always be Abraham Lincoln was the greatest president to ever step in office.

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