Essay on The Company 's New Inventory Control System

Essay on The Company 's New Inventory Control System

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Before Royal Akers died in an airplane crash he took over Goodstuff, a rival discount store. He also had the company 's new Inventory Control Software, a integrated logistic system(ILS), installed to manage all of the company 's supply chain. The new software errors and the shortage of truck, due to having to deliver to the newly acquired Goodstuff stores, were not working according to plan. He died before the problems in the supply chain became grave.
All members of the family were stockholders of the company each having voting rights. His son, Roy Jr., wanted to sell the company to Tom Soverel, owner of 4-Mor stores, but Jane wanted to save their father 's business. Investors were losing confidence and as a result the stock price was dropping. The family voted to give her 10 days to try and fix the problems with the new inventory control system. In meeting with the employees of Akers, Jane noted that the Matrix Management Team used “logistics to support and coordinate main operating areas like merchandising sales and marketing, purchasing and accounting, transportation and warehousing, information technologies.”(182)
The problems with the inventory control system included “out of stocks and overstocks, misrouted truck, mislabled pallets..”(58) Uncle Eli described the new computer system as “brain damaged”. He also said “what we go is the kind of logistical nightmares you and your army bosses were probably battling in Saudi Arabia. We not only got shortages and outages, we go stuff being shipped to the wrong places..” Some of the problems were detergents being loads instead of cornflakes, up-scale merchandise for one store being sent to another, American appliances sent to UK and monitors being ordered from Hyon withou...

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... objectives of logistic management could not be met. With the use of paper and pen, they knew there would be more human errors. “A store manager might check the wrong box on the order form. More errors could be generated during faxing, scanning, or the software conversion from graphic map into data file.”(285) All the stores would have to find alternated sources for thousands of essential food products while the inventory was being completed. “Wholesale food distributors, meanwhile alerted to the crisis, were jumping in with offers – unfortunately at the hefty rates mom and pop outlets were forced to pay.”(153)
While there were many errors because of the computer system, other problems were still needing to be addressed. One of these problems was arranging the return of contaminated meat in Rotterdam. A man who ate the meat was diagnosed as having clostridium per

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