The Companies Like Apple Inc. Essay

The Companies Like Apple Inc. Essay

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There are lots of sweatshops established in developing and less developed countries such as China and India. The main reason is the labor costs in those countries are much lower than developed countries. Due to the huge population in China and India, the wages will stay low in long term. Most of the workers are uneducated and unskilled, and they have to accept the low wages in order to pay for their daily necessities. The multinational companies like Apple Inc., IBM, H&M, Nike opened factories or outsourcing their products in China. These are unethical factories. A lot of people criticize the owners of these factories. However, all things are created by the demand. If sweatshops were useless, then they wouldn’t develop. Corporations want low expense, consumers wan low price, and some people need to make a living. All these conditionals make the sweatshop running perfectly.
All companies want to make profits, and they always control the costs of production as low as possible. Based on this, the existence of sweatshops is reasonable. In a capitalism country, interest is the most important thing. The law of jungle tells us people who have strong power will survive longer. Maximizing profits is the basic thing that companies do, it is not a fault to set up low cost factories. For example, Apple Inc., Microsoft outsourcing their products to a company called Foxconn, a Taiwan company. Foxconn has around 12 factories in Mainland China. Rob cooper, a journalist in Daily Mail, reported that Foxconn only paid around 2 US dollar per hour to their employees to produce Apple, Microsoft and Dell products. Those multinational companies reduce a lot of labor cost expense from outscoring their product oversea.
When companies make profits, they ...

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... bad working condition. However, that is why different countries in different development level. If all countries are in the same level, there would not have competitive market, and we can’t gain any advantages through international trades. It will not exist, except when the world combines as a whole, and establishing the communism society. There are always some sorts of differences in different countries or products. It is hard to be the same. Therefore, the sweatshop isn’t a serious problem to be existed. There lots of people are benefit from it. People always choose the best place to live, just like profitable company always finding the way to increase their interest. Moreover, if we only worried about environmental problem, then the economy of a country will not develop. In other word, there were few airplanes crashed, it doesn’t mean you should never take planes.

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