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The average sweatshop employee is paid as little as $1.12 an hour. (Cooper, Rob. "Inside Apple 's Chinese 'sweatshop ' Factory Where Workers Are Paid Just £1.12 per Hour to Produce IPhones and IPads for the West." N.p., n.d. Web) This amount of money is not adequate enough to match today’s standards. Retail organizations today make more than enough to supply employees for their necessities. The top retail organizations in the nation should not use third world countries to manufacture their products because economically, the companies are able to create more jobs in the U.S, also the safety hazards and abusive management are unacceptable to our standards of humanity.
Mandatory 12 to 15 hour shifts six days a week to only receive $180 a month is outrageously low; even a teenager can make
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In America the minimum wage is $7.25 an hour plus overtime. (Perez, Thomas E. "Wages." U.S. Department of Labor. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Sept. 2013) This is the minimum standard set for Americans who hold a job. The reason top retail companies invest their money into sweatshops because it’s cheap labor. Sweatshops hire in the thousands paying each employee only a fraction of minimum wage. To the workers, the amount of money presented is obviously not enough, but they keep coming back due to the lack of well-paying jobs in their countries. Also in America and Europe, it’s a policy to hire individuals at a certain age and to work them for a certain amount of time. These sweatshops completely disregard these guidelines and hire children, working the same hours and being treated as every other slave in the sweatshop. Under paying and beating employees is one case, but using the same enforcements on children is a down right shame. Although it may be more expensive to buy from American companies, at least the products they produce are made with no force or

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