Community Projects Are Well Known For Giving Students Essay

Community Projects Are Well Known For Giving Students Essay

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Community projects are well known for giving students the opportunity to be able to express them selves and learn new tasks and responsibilities. Although, through out my community project path I found myself finding the right lace to learn and achieve the goals as well as the responsibilities and the role of the experience. Yet, the project wasn’t an easy project because I had to deal with different case mangers and different clients. However, through trying and working on my goals, I was to develop my learning experience in term of making healthy relationship with my clients.
Pioneer Health Resources was very valuable in term of teaching me how to work with different type of people and different ages. Thus, the project was more than learning; it was more about getting the experience, exploring myself and maintains a healthy to help those who are in need of the extra help. Clients need the extra help due to their language barriers, cultural differences and social differences. Some of those were able to dissimilate their culture; while others acculturate from the American cultures. Meaning: when refugees moved to the United States they let go their culture and heritage but they need it to sign up for Pioneer’s service to help them with that. Other refuges they signed up to get the services and use it to assist their culture, values, heritages and norms. Either way, it’s part of integration the culture and the identity.
At Pioneer Health Resources, I didn’t have to sit in their building and watch client. Instead, my role was an interpreter role. The CBRs/ Case Manger was assigned many clients and luckily some of those clients were Iraqi people who have zero or little English. The CBRs and I would schedule a time with the client ...

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...e become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams.”
Overall, doing my community project at Pioneer Health Resources and working with different clients made me see the world through a different lens. It made me see how communication play a big role in refugees live as well as the conflict of identity and culture difference. Refugee’s struggle in everyday life but there are another refuges who tries to take advantages of the system. This makes it complex for the agencies, schools, and other professional places to believe in them and give them whatever that they ask for. Thus, we as educators, have the responsibility now to change that and make our world a better place. One way to change the world is through teaching and educating people, through communications and dialogues.

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