Essay on The Communist Manifesto, Utopia, And Karl Marx And Friedrich Engels

Essay on The Communist Manifesto, Utopia, And Karl Marx And Friedrich Engels

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Although everyone knows that the world is not perfect as is, several philosophers have iterated their ideas of what a perfect and ideal society, a utopia, would look like. Some such philosophers were Thomas More in 1516 through his fictional book, Utopia, and Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in 1848 through their pamphlet, The Communist Manifesto. In Utopia, three characters discuss Hythloday’s travels to the land of Utopia and why it is superior to other nations, while in The Communist Manifesto, the authors plan actions to overthrow the oppressive bourgeois class and create a classless society. Although Marx and Engels do not explicitly state that they seek a utopian society like More does, the description of the resulting society of their revolution meets the criteria of their own perfect society. Both works come about as a result of their political and social contexts at the time of authorship, with Utopia being a result of the feudal system in Europe and The Communist Manifesto being a product of the Industrial Revolution that completely reshapes life in Europe and all over the world. Although Marx expects results in the near future and plans the steps to a utopian society while More writes a completely fictional account of a hypothetical image of a utopia, both visions express the authors ' ideas about private property, agriculture, and class structure.
In both works, an essential aspect of a utopian society is the abolition of private property. To Marx, private property is the tool that the bourgeoisie uses to have power and control over the proletariat, for people who work hard do not acquire property as a result of their work. Because the majority of private property and goods are in the hands of the rich bourgeois class...

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... times. Unlike slavery known to us, slaves are not bought in Utopia, but in their current state because of their own wrong actions. Therefore, there are some slight differences when looking at class structures between Marx’s utopia after the revolution and that of More in the society that Hythloday experiences.
Both Utopia and The Communist Manifesto use different measures to describe their own utopian society. Marx takes a very realistic approach with the hopes that a revolution will occur in the near future, whereas More writes hypothetically about a perfect society that his fictional friend visited. Although Marx does not explicitly call his new society a utopia, the picture that he paints displays his own ideal society without private property, classes, and the takeover of agriculture with manufacturing which closely mirror the society that Hythloday describes.

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