Commentary on Killing Lincoln by Bill O’Reilly Essay

Commentary on Killing Lincoln by Bill O’Reilly Essay

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Killing Lincoln is a historic, non-fiction book co-written by Bill O’Reilly, a popular conservative TV show host and Martin Dugard, a well established author. Published by Henry Holt and Company on September 27, 2011, this piece of literature contains 336 pages with complete sources, and references. In addition, this book [insert award] for its literary impact on young adults. With this historical thriller, Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard seek to describe the antagonist, victim, and impact of one of the most devastating and historical event in American history.
Just as actors are famous in America today, they were also famous in America’s 1880s. Back then movies and online videos did not exist, instead dramas and stage play occupied the American’s leisure time; well to do Americans that is. Everyone who knew anything about theater knew John Wilkes Booth. Born to actor parents, the stage’s spotlight became natural for John who debuted on stage at a young age. Now, in his thirties, people see a handsome, eloquent celebrity capable of delivering any line. Unfortunately, they don’t notice his didactic confederate sympathy or bubbling rage.
It is 1865, and the war between the states has just ended. Booth’s rage is peaking as he recalls Union General Ulysses Grant’s participation in the fall of the Confederacy….
General Richard Sherman’s march to the sea has just finished. After successful capturing Atlanta, Georgia, General Sherman directed his Union army to Savannah, Georgia. Along the way, northerners wreaked havoc on Southern cotton mills and destroy train tracks while completely uprooting 20 percent of Georgian plantations. This effectively halted the Confederate’s means of transportation and economic structure subsequently w...

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...ere given to any former confederate (excluding military and governing officials) and states were allowed to meet after 10 percent of the voters pledged allegiance to the Union. The death of Lincoln changed all of that. Some historians even argue that his death instigated the future power struggle in the government thus lowering the quality of American politics for the next few decades. 8Andrew Johnson, vice president under Lincoln, was a born southerner while the current congress was filled with radical republicans. Polar opposites indeed. All in all, I enjoyed reading Killing Lincoln. My only criticism of the book is the unnecessary chapters. I felt there were points in the book where the authors could have made their point sooner but instead dragged it out. I would recommend this book to any history student looking for an interesting yet simple read. It’s perfect!

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