The Colorado River: Reflective Reverberations of a Drastic Detrimental Diaphragm

The Colorado River: Reflective Reverberations of a Drastic Detrimental Diaphragm

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In the World, the liquid medium that we know as water is the main component that keeps humans, animals and their respective ecosystems alive. Everything from trees down to the smallest leaf requires it, and it is required for any lifeform to continue to grow. Though as humanity expands and continues on an upward slope, humans as a lifeforce continue to need more. Water is a defining aspect of a community, and with the ever-rising population and human-crafted climate change coming to an all-time high, one of the most important water origins of the southeast region is coming to a very dangerous low.
The Colorado River Delta is a vast stream of water that begins in the Rocky Mountains and flows to the Gulf of California. It is the primary source of water for the western part of the United States, making the golden nectar available to Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, and Mexico. Because of miscellaneous international treaties and over 40 dams built along the river’s path (Ficklin 1), it is slowly becoming the most controlled of all watersheds. With the populations of these towns becoming greater, the amount of pull on the river from the society has increased as a rapid rate. Normally that would not be a problem but given the context, water sources are not as dynamic--fluid, if you will, as the world would often appreciate.
Lee’s Ferry, a place that not many people know of is very special to many scientists. It is the most accessible part of the river, and it was named after a boat that used to reside there. During the 1920’s Lee’s Ferry became the place where the Colorado River stream measurements were taken, and those numbers were later used as a basis of dividing up the water between the Eastern states and Mexico thou...

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