College Students And Their Attitude Towards School Essay

College Students And Their Attitude Towards School Essay

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Being in college, writers and directors make it seem so marvelous in the movies. With everybody singing and dancing, having a blast with their friends, going out every night, and living a stress free life. When in reality, it is like stepping onto a battlefield. You have to fight hard if you want to come back home safe and sound. When in college, students who believe they are smart and prepared survive. The students who are careless will fail, and some will merely cross the finish line missing a limb or two. It is important to know what category of students you fall into; your future depends on it. One way to classify college students is through their attitude towards school.
For instance, one attitude that a great amount of college students have is the slacker attitude. It must certainly be a sort of virus because a lot of people seem to have it. A slacker student would be someone who always shows up 15 minutes late to class every day, obviously without an excuse. Someone who has a low grade in class and does not even care about it. It is somebody who is never prepared for class...

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