Essay on College Mentors For Kids Program My Freshman Year

Essay on College Mentors For Kids Program My Freshman Year

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I am currently in my junior year here at Purdue and I joined the College Mentors for Kids program my freshman year. I have had a little buddy each year in the program and have enjoyed every bit of it. I can truly see a change in my little buddies, having watched them learn and grow. This makes me very happy and helps me make the positive impact that I want to make on these children’s lives. My experiences have been positive and I would not change it one bit, even during some times where there may have been challenges.
I am interested in a staff position because I believe that it will allow me to make a positive impact in a different aspect of the program. Due to class scheduling, I am unable to return as a mentor and have my own little buddy. This is disappointing, but also allows me to look into and take advantage of other opportunities. Being in a staff position would allow me to still be involved with this wonderful program, and I believe, in a way, help me make a greater difference. Being in a staff position, I would be able to impact the program as a whole, and therefore indirectly make a difference in the lives of all the kids involved. My main objective upon entering this program was to help these kids, especially considering that they are at-risk, to dream big. I want them to know that they have just as many opportunities in the world. I believe that being in a staff position would help me continue this goal and spread it to reach even more kids. Contributing to a positive environment and structure of the program would also be possible through being in a staff position.

• What leadership positions have you held in the past, and how have those experiences prepared you for a staff position in College Mentors for Kids?


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...s program. I am extremely passionate for this organization because its goals align with my own very much. I would like to be an outreach director because I think that is where my skill set will be most beneficial to the program. If I held this position, I would be able to use my diverse perspectives in order to recruit students who would be good mentors for the kids and benefit the program as of now and perhaps set a way of doing things that will influence the program in the long run. I want to leave a lasting positive impact on the children in this program and I will be able to do so in this staff position. It could also help college students. I will achieve these goals by truly giving it my best effort. I have created a commitment to what is most important to me and this is one of them. I have worked very hard on my time management and my passion can go a long way.

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