Essay about College Life at Bemidji State University

Essay about College Life at Bemidji State University

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Bemidji State University is considered a small campus, yet, there is a descent amount of different buildings that encompass the campus. After observing the campus, there were so many different things I had ideas for that would change the social experience for student on this campus. Being a freshman, the area that I feel I have the best knowledge of on campus is the dorms, and how it can affect your overall experience at school. The dorms are designed by grouping together different students; which are based on what year they are in, if they play sports, what their major is, and if they are a foreign exchange student, then it can also be based on where they came from. Looking at these key points of how we are being grouped makes it relatable to the story. Beside the fact that college, (which is supposedly considered a fresh start), but like high school, we are still being placed in groups that link us to things like classes, camps, and life in general.
It’s understood that students are separated based on their majors, but walking into classes doesn’t mean that everyone in the room is about the same age and year as yours. In some classes there is a larger base of students that are junior or, maybe there is a larger group of freshman. For example, say your whole class is pretty much upper classman and you’re the only freshman, people will likely assume that you don’t know what you’re doing half the time. Even though that might be true, it doesn’t mean they should treat you any differently just because you are a newbie. Let's say upper classman in your class always exclude you for the conversation, instead of trying to get you involved with their conversation. Another situation is when you’re in a class that most of the students age ...

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...hat “ Graveyards are the doppelganger of the living world.” (Metz 104), this helped me understand his essay a lot easier on the fact that it points out his main point. His point being, that in life we are judged and put into groups based off of what our religion is, if we are rich or poor, or job status. And observing the campus helps back up his main point even more. Whether it’s your major, if you play sports, are in a fraternity or sorority, what your occupation is, or the year you are in. No matter, we will always be labeled even if we attempt to separate ourselves from it. We will always be segregated. I can only hope, to see the day where it doesn’t matter and we are all equal with no groups or judgement.

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