Essay about Collective Memory Of The Korean War

Essay about Collective Memory Of The Korean War

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This valuable critique is extremely important to both my ongoing project and my career in the future. My claim, or my current argument, is actually an assumption that has not been substantiated by sufficient primary and secondary sources. Proving or disproving this argument will be the goal of my research in following years. In the revision, I will first soften my voice in making prediction or assumption, rendering them less like a well-proved claim.
Then, I will arrange my evidence to investigate the linkage between the identification and the construction of the collective memory of the Korean War. For example, from the news articles published in recent years, I realized many families of missing soldiers interviewed described that they once wrote to the government and the military to request the whereabouts of their lost relatives in the 1950s but got nothing in the end. The original letters from such families, which I collected during the summer, confirmed the idea that the public interest in the Korean War waned shortly after the armistice. The notice from the military that their lost relatives might be found and identified sparked the memory of them and the war after a moratorium of half a century. The viability of the current forensic technology at least gives hope to others that they may reunite with (the remains) of their husbands, fathers, et cetera in the near future.
On the political arena, the repatriation and identification of remains tend to be exploited in the diplomatic maneuver. The politicians might use the need for repatriating more remains from North Korea to justify their keeping or removing sanctions on North Korea. The shared features of the POW/MIA issues in Korea and Vietnam perhaps force the politicians ...

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...hile the search for the Vietnam War MIAs educated the society of the urgency in retrieving the remains of missing soldiers in the past century, the new discovery of soldiers’ bodies in Korea perhaps inform the public the human toll in the panorama of the numerous conflicts in the Cold War. Regarding the pursuit of Korean War soldiers’ distinctive identity, I have a few publications from a veteran organization to support my proposal. For searching any distinguishable political influence of the return of the missing soldiers’ remains from North Korea, I only have a few congressional records and public speeches to present that the politicians could no longer avoid talking about this war. However, a more intensive research is required to detect what the Korean War MIA issue has single-handed achieved in shaping the nation’s politics and public rhetoric of war memorials.

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