Corruption of the American Dream

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Corruption of the American Dream

The Great Gatsby is a novel based off of the American dream, which is something that everyone strives for. The author of the book F. Scott Fitzgerald has his own American dream to become a well known writer, and to have the girl of his dreams, and throughout the novel this dream reflected in The Great Gatsby within in the characters Gatsby and Daisy. Fitzgerald had developed the character Gatsby by incorporating some of his own dreams. For example Gatsby has a forbidden love for Daisy, but he cannot have her because she does not want to leave her husband, Gatsby also wants to do everything he can for Daisy but since she will not leave her husband Gatsby is doing all of this for no reason, and in the end nothing goes his way and he just ends up unhappy and alone. Another character in this novel that has an american dream is Daisy. Daisy’s dream is to be Gatsby’s lover, and she wants to live a happy life, but not with Gatsby. By doing this to Gatsby, Daisy will just end up stuck with her husband who does nothing special for her and she will not be as happy as she could be. The American Dream is an idea that many people have and want to achieve, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Daisy Buchanan, and Jay Gatsby each have a dream, but as time goes on these dreams slowly begin to escape their grasp which eventually leads them to misery and despair.

In the novel The Great Gatsby there are many references about the american dream from F. Scott Fitzgerald's life. “What we have to bear in mind is that this story is an attack on that American dream which critics have so often imagined Fitzgerald was engaged in celebrating throughout his writings” (Bewley). F. Scott Fitzgerald is an amazing example of the good a...

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...was gone and she was left to live in despair. Even though the American Dream is considered to be a huge success, some people fail at making this dream come true.

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