Essay about The Cold War On Latin America

Essay about The Cold War On Latin America

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The Cold War, despite being not being an actual declared war, was a devastating time for humanity. It struck fear in the heart of people all over the world. Paranoia of the possible destruction of, not just whole communities and countries, but also the entire world lead was rapid. Danner and Berniers both depict how the Cold War affected Latin America extremely well in their respective pieces when writing about communism influence on everyone from the government to civilians, the military’s radical actions, and noncombatant life. Because, unlike America and the Soviet Union, the Cold War took place while there was much civil unrest; making its effect even worse on Latin America.
Communism was already very present in Latin America before the United States began to interfere with its affairs. Leftist and Communist activity from ordinary citizens, such as university professors and students, was apparent in Latin America but seemed to not be viewed as a major influence in the way people thought. It was the United States government who mostly were concerned about this activity. They fear that if one Latin America country fell into communism that the fall of all of Latin America into communism would only be the natural aftermath.
The fear of the spread of communism in western world, especially Latin American countries with weak democratic control, lead to a huge shift in the political and day to day life of the world. The United States could not risk communism spreading and went to many extremes to ensure so. They began backing political leaders in Latin America in hopes to keep democracy alive and strong but ended up doing quite the opposite. America supported leaders like Fulgencio Batista in Cuba, the Somoza family in Nicaragua, and...

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Looking back on the Cold War was completely unnecessary. The Cold War was simply what happens when people with irrational fears and extreme paranoia have power. The spread of Communism would not have happened any faster or slower whether the United States provided aid in Latin America because ultimately Communism influence in the United States would spread because of people in the United States. For not being an actual declared war, the Cold War was still deadly and it happening at the same time as many civil wars in Latin America only made matters worse because of how countries outside of Lain America pulled the region into the conflict. Ultimately of Communism was looked at critically, all the paranoia and its side effects that came with it could have been avoid and potentially could have saved thousands lives and millions of dollars wasted on the Cold War.

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