Cognitive Socialization : Confucian Heritage Cultures By David Ho, The Idea Of Confucian Culture

Cognitive Socialization : Confucian Heritage Cultures By David Ho, The Idea Of Confucian Culture

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In Cognitive Socialization in Confucian Heritage Cultures by David Ho, the idea of Confucian is introduced as a culture that places high value on educational achievement (Ho, 285). Based on Ho’s article, the individuals within this social group are not only raised to live up to these standards but are expected to strongly encourage Confucianism throughout further generations. Being that this practice is very common and highly influential, Asian Pacific American (APA) students with Confucian cultural background may face dilemmas in classrooms that are structured in a Euro-centric way. Since the diversity in Euro-centric classrooms is rather high in amount, individuals raised in Confucian cultures may struggle in being less talkative, less active, and less exploratory (Ho, page 289).
Confucianism is again, an early mastery that Chinese and Japanese children are to achieve; therefore, rebelling against this is under no circumstances acceptable in their community. Impulse control is explained to be just as important as academic success: “Impulse control and academic achievement may be identified as two of the most important goals of socialization” (Ho, page 288). Due to this impulse control that is taught during infancy within these cultures, studies have found that “Chinese and Japanese babies differ from Euro-American babies on the dimensions of the excitability and temperament” (Ho, page 289). How may this affect their success in a Euro-American classroom? Learning is and can be, a fun and exciting journey in a new environment. Without the urge to be more knowledgeable, learning becomes a factor that is more so an obligation instead of a desire. As previously stated, the cross-cultural studies suggest that one difference between Ch...

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...s achieve academic success along with psychological health. Teaching strategies such as: influencing participation by a means of group work, allowing class discussions and randomly choosing a name off of the roster, pairing students up for class activities. Through personal observations in classroom settings, I came across a strategy that I personally see myself putting to practice. Being that Confucian students are less talkative, less active, and less exploratory, setting the desks and/or chairs in a circular form along the perimeter of the classroom and having the students participate in order is a productive way in getting everyone to be involved. By doing this, the students take on the responsibility of putting in their efforts. APA students in specific will feel a sense of conformity when speaking and will allow them to adapt to the environment more willingly.

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