Code of Ethics Comparison: Lowe's vs. Home Depot Essay

Code of Ethics Comparison: Lowe's vs. Home Depot Essay

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Established as the older company of the two, Lowe’s ranks forty-second as a Fortune 500 company. Established in 1946 as a small hardware business, Lowe’s has grown into a 40,000 product, global market enterprise that consist of 1,710 stores nationwide expanding into the countries of Canada, Mexico and Australia (Lowe's Internal, 2010) Home Depot, founded in 1978, is the fastest growing retailer in the United States. Ranked twenty-ninth as a Fortune 500 company, Home Depot continues to remain the number one do-it-yourself retail store in America. These two companies may sell products of the same nature, but comparing their Code of Ethics is their way of setting themselves apart. (Home Depot Internal, 2009)
Lowe’s begins their manual with an Introduction that includes employees’ and Board of Directors’ together. Lowe’s feels employees’ are equal and expects their executives to follow the same rules of conduct. Lowe’s includes ethics and code of conduct together as a framework of principles’ to guide employees’ in their day-to-day conduct. (Lowe's Internal, 2010)
Home Depot provides an Introduction as a message for their employees’ only. By sharing the responsibility for protecting and advancing the company’s reputation and ethics as well as values, drive business strategies and activities. Home Depot provides straightforward information about operating principles, and expectations for Associates of The Home Depot to conduct themselves. (Home Depot Internal, 2008)
Lowe’s and Home Depot introduce each other in a message that clarifies their own explanation of Code of Ethics. Both encourage doing the right thing while performing a job that may not always cover all situations. However, employees’ are provided a strategic map that may...

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