Essay on Coal Harbor Real Estate – A Good Investment Option

Essay on Coal Harbor Real Estate – A Good Investment Option

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Coal harbor is a small section situated between Canada’s downtown peninsula (Vancouver) and Brockton Peninsula of Stanley Park. It derived its name when coal was discovered in 1862 in the harbor. Vancouver Harbor Water Aerodrome can be found in this place. Coal Harbor real estate is very interesting. The northwestern section of land contains a community center, boating and rowing clubs, private marinas and parkland while in the southeast and Georgia Street, the neighborhood comprises of apartments and high rise buildings.


The 23 acres place stretches from Canada Place to Cardero Street along Burrad Inlet Shore. In fact, Coal harbor is the first residential neighborhood that is built along the Burrad Inlet. This place offers spectacular views of the Port of Vancouver to the east, the convention center, Canada Place, Lions Gate Bridge, Stanley Park, and the North Shore Mountains. With the presence of beautiful homes and easy access to several amenities, Coal Harbor real estate has gained mammoth popularity.

The business district of the city is situated between Has...

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