Essay about Close Study of John 6

Essay about Close Study of John 6

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The fourth gospel of the Bible is carefully crafted by adding details that is different from the synoptic gospels. Within the sixth chapter of John is filled with Jesus's miracles and teachings. Jesus feeding the five thousand and Jesus stating that he is the bread of life has similar characteristics. As well as the second section, Jesus walking on water and last section, disciples deserting Jesus have same characteristics with each other. There are common characteristics that these sections as well. The locations of these events are in the same vicinity. This chapter is in the festival cycle which begins at John 5 till John 12 because the sign-miracles and their attendant narratives and discourses are set in the context of Jewish festivals (Kim 308).
The events in John 6 begin around the Sea of Galilee where there are about five thousand (vs 10) men at this location. There are different characters contributes to these event. Jesus, disciples, and the crowd creates interactions with each other that readers can learn about their culture. The main holiday surrounding this event is the Passover. The sixth chapter of John was written in four sections: Jesus feeding the five thousand, Jesus walking on water, Jesus stating that He is the bread of life, and many disciples deserting Jesus after learning that they could not accost Jesus's teachings.
The first event of this chapter is about Jesus feeding the five thousand people. From verses 1-15, it is about people following Jesus for his miracles. A great crowd of people followed Him because they saw the signs He had performed by healing the sick (vs 2). The six chapter of John is rich with images and themes that parallels with the synoptic (Ruland 450). People are going to see...

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...l of John. I would be able to use the stories to compare and contrast in my research paper.

Patrick J. "The Eucharist In St. John 6." Catholic Biblical Quarterly 9.4 (1947): 442-452. ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials. Web. 24 Mar. 2014. In this article, it gives me the back story of John and all the details that are surrounding. A research key terms to explain to readers about what they meant and what they didn't.

Yeago, David S. "The Bread Of Life : Patristic Christology And Evangelical Soteriology In Martin Luther's Sermons On John 6." St Vladimir's Theological Quarterly 39.3 (1995): 257-279. ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials. Web. 24 Mar. 2014. This author argues that Luther's theology of justifying faith is so dependent on a particular Christology by examining the sermons on John 6. He also talked about what faith is.

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