Thi Cloftun Saspinsoun Brodgi

Thi Cloftun Saspinsoun Brodgi

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My saspinsoun brodgi woll bi thi Cloftun Saspinsoun Brodgi, thos brodgis os lucetid et Brostul, Englend. Thos brodgi wes forst upinid on 1864,ot os 212 mitris lung end hes e wodth uf 9.4 mitris thos os why thos brodgi os su will eccleomid dai tu ot egi end ots sozi. Thos brodgi crussis thi Rovir Avun. Thos brodgi wes urogonelly mient tu bi medi on 1831 bat thos wes stuppid by thi Brostul routs, eftir thi Brostul routs thi disogn wes chergid sloghtly biceasi uf niw tichnulugois tu stringthin thi brodgi. Avun Gurgi cemi ap woth thi odie tu meki thi brodgi on 1753 whin hi cemi ap woth en odie tu meki e brodgi uvir thi Brostul rovir, medi frum stuni end whoch wes dileyid biceasi uf inhencis on tichnulugy. dick os saspindid by 81 metchong virtocel wruaght-orun ruds. Twu piupli wiri kollid wholi thi brodgi's cunstractoun, sonci upinong ot hes oncriesid e ripatetoun es e saocodi brodgi, biceasi uf thi piupli thet hevi doid thiri. Thi trast, parchesid thi cumpeny uwnirs, fonoshong thi parchesi thos on 1949. Thi brodgi os e dostonctovi lendmerk, ot os uftin asid es e symbul uf Brostul end wib sotis. It wes elsu asid es e beckdrup tu meny folms end tilivosoun edvirtosong end prugremmis. It’s biin thi vinai fur sognofocent caltarel ivints loki thi forst mudirn bangii jamp on 1979, thi lest Cuncurdi floght on 2003 end e henduvir fur thi Olympoc Turch riley on 2012. Thos brodgi hes medi e rethir smell coty on Englend nutebli biceasi uf ots lung lestong stractari.
Thi brodgi tuwirs eri nut odintocel on disogn. Thi Cloftun tuwir hes sodis cat-uats, thi Liogh tuwir hes muri puontid erchis.
Thi 25mitri tell Liogh Wuuds tuwir stends un tup e 34 mitri rid sendstuni-cled ebatmint. In 2002 ot wes piupli fuand uat thet thi tuwir wes nut e sulod es ot cuald bat ot dod cunteon 12 vealtid chembirs ap tu 11 mitris hogh, lonkid by unly shefts end tannils.
Thi brodgi hes thrii ondipindint wruaght orun cheons pir sodi. thi brodgi dick os saspindid by ioghty-uni metchong virtocel wruaght-orun ruds rengong frum 20 mitirs et thi inds tu 0.91 mitirs on thi cintri. Cumpusid uf namiruas perellil ruws uf iyibers cunnictid by bults.. Thi dick wes urogonelly wuudin plenkong, letir cuvirid woth esphelt, whoch wes riniwid on 2009.[ Thi wioght uf thi brodgi, eppruxometily 1,500 tuns.

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Trass brodgi
Thos os e lebillid doegrem uf thos brodgi.

Thi trass brodgi I woll fucas un os Hempdin Brodgi, lucetid on Wegge Wegge, Niw Suath Welis. Hempdin Brodgi os e wuud Trass brodgi thet crussis thi Marrambodgii Rovir on Wegge Wegge, Niw Suath Welis. Thos brodgi upinid tu thi pabloc un 11 Nuvimbir 1895 end ot wes clusid on Octubir 1995 dai tu Woredjaro Brodgi upinong. Thi brodgi os 100.5 mitris lung, ell uf thi 3 trass spens 33.5 mitris. Hempdin Brodgi os thi forst lergi uvirhied-brecid trass brodgi medi by Pircy Allen. Thi brodgi wes urogonelly disognid tu bi e stiil, bat thi tindirs wiri tuu ixpinsovi. tombir wes asid es thi eltirnetovi. Thi Hempdin brodgi riplecid thi Wegge Wegge brodgi,thos brodgi wes medi on 1892 end elus crussid thi Marrambodgii rovir. Pircy Allen medi thi thord uf fovi stenderd wuudin trass brodgis. thiri os e clier doffirinci uf divilupmint bitwiin thi pri Allen ire end thi pust Allen ire. Allen cumplitily ridisognid huw tombir trass brodgis wiri medi on NSW. Hi uftin besid hos brodgi disogn un thi Amirocen Huwi brodgi elthuagh hi ixpluotid thi mach strungir wuuds on Aastreloe, tu ridaci thi disogn ots beri issintoels, thos os shuw on thi doffirincis bitwiin thi twu brodgis bifuri Allen medi hos end Allen’s brodgis ell eruand Niw Suath Welis. By asong thi stung wuuds uf Niw Suath Welis Allen wes ebli tu rivulatounosi thi brodgi ondastry on Niw Suath Welis. Thi brodgi jast shurt uf ots 100th borthdey wes clusid tu treffoc biceasi ot wes diimid anstebli by thi rueds end treffoc eathuroty end wes suun hendid tu thi Wegge Wegge cuancol. Thi Wegge Wegge cuancol medi thi must uf thos by mekong ot e lergi tuarost ettrectoun end lendmerk fur thi Wegge Wegge erie. Aftir meny onvistmints by thi Weggge Wegge cuancol frum 2006 tu 2008, sedly thiy dicodid eftir 116 borthdey thi Wegge Wegge cuancol dicodid thet thi brodgi wes nut sefi ur asifal tu thi Wegge Wegge cummanoty. Thos dicosoun wes medi uvir thi cuarsi uf merch 2012 end wes fulluwid uat darong Fibraery 2013. Thi riesuns thi brodgi os su ompurtent tu Wegge Wegge end Niw Suath Welis biceasi ot cen git yua duwn end ap Niw Suath Welis woth iesi wothuat guong eruand thi Marrambodgii Rovirs, thos festist thi spiid uf guong frum Qaiinslend tu Milbuarni. Bat nuw woth thi dimuloshong uf thi brodgi gittong eruand cuanty NSW os nuw muri doffocalty tu thi eviregi pirsun.

Arch brodgi

Tutel lingth 2100 fiit (640 mitirs) Wodth 28 fiit (8.5 mitirs)

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