Essay about Client Service and Management

Essay about Client Service and Management

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In IT Companies, project which works on software product development face multiple challenges or issues during their entire software life cycle. One of the regular challenges which they face is the different kind or defects or issues in the software they developed or enhanced. These defects or issues are the problems which exist in their software. Normally the issues are unavoidable in any software’s. Even if certain piece of code introduced to fix one issue, the same code might add other defects. It’s well known that every piece of code introduced will increase the chances of new issues in the software. A Software defects are well known as bug, which describes the fault in the system that produces incorrect or unexpected results. All defects or bugs are introduced by the mistakes or ignorance of the people while write the source code or make fault in design.
Many times it’s been observed or noted that more the defects or issue in the software, more dis-satisfied the customer. Customer considers or relates this data of defect count to quality of the software been delivered to them. Customer dis-satisfaction on the software quality actually results in project failure. Depending on the kind of issues or quality of the software, usage of the software is actually decided. Issues in software occurs because something or somewhere during development or coding has not worked as planned. As this has become unavoidable problem, people started to relalize the need of implementing bug tracking process, in order to identify and remove bugs or issues or defects within application or software system.According to (Kolluri, n.d.)the potentiality and soundness of a good bug tracking system has no parallel in helping the systems to enhance the quali...

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