The Cleanliness Of Medieval People

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The Cleanliness of Medieval People The Medieval period was a time of filth, squalor and high mortality rates due to the lack of technology and access to clean water during the time. Peasants in the medieval ages did not live good lives at all. Most of the peasants worked as farmers getting little to no pay and they worked very strenuously every day in order to survive. Cleanliness was the least of their worries since every day was a struggle to survive. Bathing on a regular basis was considered a delicacy and luxury that mostly only the upper class had access to. Disease was a normal part of life and was a big reason for death in the medieval times. Death at a young age was the norm especially for peasants because of the lack of medicine, technology and cleanliness during the time. Medical knowledge in the medieval times was almost non existent, especially in a place where disease was frequent because of the dirty and gross conditions. Instead of relying on scientific medical knowledge, most people were superstitious about sickness and believed that God had something to do with it. The Roman Catholic Church dominated every part of people 's waking lives and since sicknesses were rarely ever healed, it was a common belief that sickness was a punishment from God (insert citation here). Because of the lack of medical knowledge, people often died at a young age because they would get sick and would not be able to recover from it. It was not out of the ordinary to find human and animal waste everywhere you looked, especially outside in the city streets. In medieval London, the people and animals combined would produce around 50 tons of excrement on a daily basis. Since there were no toilets or septic systems, people wo... ... middle of paper ... ...t essentially turned them into rural slaves. The rigid and cruel medieval system of law and order that accompanied feudalism succeeded as a tool for social control and largely prevented peasant resistance or rebellion” (The Lives of Medieval Peasants). Peasants were slaves to society and on top of that they had religious pressure from the Roman Catholic Church always weighing down on them. God played a huge part in the everyday lives of medieval civilians and everyone was determined to get into heaven since the church would beat that message into their skulls. The life of your average medieval peasant was not a good life to live at all. It was a life filled with filth, disease, constant hard work and little to ever look forward to. Everyday was a struggle to survive and keeping clean seemed to not even be an option. Most people seemed to lead miserable lives.
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