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Danielle C. Dillon Europe in the Middle Ages Fall 2013 Final Exam Many things effected society in Medieval Europe, some having a more profound effect than others. Europe in the Middles ages was a time of learning and of cultural growth, but it was also a time of more serious things such as the Black Death. The way Europe coped with these unforeseen challenges, helped shape their society and culture, and we still learn about them today. The Black Death was of significance in Europe, but what exactly was it? The Black Death, also known as the Bubonic Plague was a wide spread infection in Medieval Europe that wiped out one third of the entire population during this time period. This plague affected the Lymph Nodes, where the bacteria found a suitable place to reproduce. How was the black plague spread you may ask? This is where some of the advances made in Europe during the Middle Ages, backfired and actually had a negative effect. It is widely known that the Black Plague was transmitted through rats, but it finds in origins in Asia. Thus the fleas found on these rats, must have come to Europe somehow, for this we look at trade routes. It was very common for markets and fairs to open up with imported goods in Europe, some of these goods coming from Asia, thus traveling salesmen and their merchandise are largely responsible for the transmission of the disease. Another reason this disease was so deadly was the lack of medicine, and knowledge of science. Though there was knowledge of science and medicine in the time, it does not compare to what we know now, including the knowledge of incubation periods. We know now because of modern medicine, that diseases can be transmitted before symptoms show, this was not known in M... ... middle of paper ... ...olarly endeavors, rather than strictly practical ones. Humanists also believed that the entirety of society should be well versed and able to speak articulately. The focus also changed during this time period to the “here and now” rather than the afterlife. The worth of individuals began to become more important, rather than just their worth in relation to society as a whole. Renaissance Humanism was the first time in history that people began to question authority and the teachings they had learned, it was the first time in history that individual expression was commonly accepted. Medieval Europe was a time of great tragedy (The Black Death) but it was also a time of great advancements in learning and culture. Perhaps one day thousands of years from now, people will read of our advancements and note their profound impact, as we do with Europe in the Middle Ages.

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  • Opines that europe in the middles ages was a time of learning and cultural growth, but it also had serious things like the black death. the way europe coped with these unforeseen challenges helped shape their society and culture.
  • Explains that the black death, also known as the bubonic plague, was a wide spread infection in medieval europe that wiped out one third of the entire population.
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